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Mariapia Viola-Magni

(Founder of EBTNA)

Our thoughts are with her relatives and colleagues. She will be missed by all of us. Rest in peace, Mariapia.

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We are deeply saddened to lose Prof. Mariapia Viola-Magni, founder of European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association. She has been a major contributor to biotechnology in Europe and the world. She also has played an important role in the organisation of the undergraduate and master programs in biotechnology schools. We dedicate all the congresses that the association and the community have organized and also the European Biotechnology Congress 2018 to Prof. Mariapia Viola-Magni. We share the sadness and loss that her family and all colleagues has experienced.

We'll all miss the precious Mariapia.

Rest in peace...

Munis Dundar
on behalf of EBTNA Executive Committee

Mydeepestcondolencesto herfamily! It issobig loss for EBTNA!

Alexander Kilchevsky

This is indeed very sad news. My heartfelt condolences go out to Mariapia family and EBTNA family. I will surely miss the spirit and presence of a truly inspiring person.

Anita Slavica

This is indeed very sad news for all of us. My sincere condoleances to Mariapia's family and all those who had the priviledge to meet and work with her. May she rest in peace and light.

Emilia Miloiu

My deepest condolence to her family and EBTNA.

Hilal Ozdag

I am so very sad to learn of Mariapia’s passing during the night. During the 25+ years that I knew her, she was an eminent figure in so many ways. Throughout that time, we never had any reason to disagree on anything. She was a remarkable Biotechnologist, without whom EBTNA and so many international projects, including the highly successful undergrad and Master’s programmes could not have taken place. A force of nature, with one of the strongest wills and personalities I have ever come across, she will be greatly missed throughout Europe and beyond.

We must find some way to acknowledge her contribution over the decades in an appropriate manner.

The thoughts and prayers of my wife Jill, daughter Claire as well as myself go out to Luigi, Riccardo and her extended family at this difficult time. We had some unforgettable times together, benefitting not least from her culinary skills (a different kind of biotechnology, we used to joke).

With deepest sympathy,

Kevan Gartland

Really it’s a very big loss and sad. May Allah keep her soul in rest andpeace.

Attya Bhatti

In Russia many people knew the wonderful scientist and human of Mariapia Viola Magni and we mourn her death and bring condolences all of her relatives.

Victor Revin

Mariapia and I have worked together and been close friends since 1965 and it is like losing a member of my family.

Peter Gahan

This is a terrible loss for all. Our deepest condolences for her family too.

Isabelle Fournier & Michel Salzet

My deepest condolences to her family during this dark time! It is a terrible loss for EBTNA family!

Dana Tapaloaga

I am saddened to hear this news. My deepest condolences for her relatives.

Gary Henehan

Please accept my sincere condolences in regards the loss of such wonderful person and scientist as Viola Magni. I am very sorry, let her soul rest in peace.

Alma Kokhmetova

My deepest and sincere condolences to Mariapia's family and EBTNA board. I knew Mariapia since the start of the International Biotechnology School in Perugia and of EBTNA. I wish you can, in the future, acknowledge Mariapia for her great contribution in the field of biotechnology.

Edo D’Agaro

This is very sad news and a terrible loss for European biotechnology, in general, and especially for EBTNA; the founder, heart and soul of our Association, a very strong personality in an extremely kind person. My wife Monica, our children, Pablo and Nicolás and I will never forget her... Nor her pasta dishes during the week we spent at her house a few years back (we fully agree with Kevan regarding her culinary skills!). Our deepest condolences to Riccardo, Luigi, her grandchildren and the whole family and friends.

Oscar Vicente

Dear colleagues, Very sad news. My condolences to Mariapia family and EBTNA family.

Daniel Ramon Vidal

Dear all, It is a very sad news for the whole biotechnological community. Please forwardsincere condoleances to Mariapia's family from Bulgaria.

Dancho Danalev

Dear EBTNA colleagues, Very very sad news for all of us. My sincere condoleances to Mariapia's family and all those who had the priviledge to meet and work with her. I thank Mariapia for her contagious enthusiasm. I pray for her.

Lucilla Lacumin

Our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to Maria's family. It is indeed a terrible loss to EBTNA, we all at EBTNA will miss her vision and leadership.

Debby & Ratnesh Lal

Remembering her at her conference she organized in her home town and ever since bringing us into the EBYNA our memories of her are engrained in us forever. My condolences!

Robert Marks

Dear colleagues, I'm very sad for this bad news. My sincere condolences to Mariapia's family and EBTNA family.

Marisa Manzano

I hereby want to share my condolences with family and friends of Mariapa Her passing is also a great loss for our scientific community.

Mark Nujiten

Rest in peace...

Jorge Rocha

I am very saddened by the loss of Prof. Maria Pia Viola Magni. She was an example of dedication to work and research for all of us.

Michele Maffia

Non ci sono parole quando si perde una persona amica! Restano i ricordi i.

Costigliola Vincenzo

Maria (Mam), you have been the stallion in leading and guiding to support and strengthen Biotechnology. You have always been a joy and inspiration to many of us and will not forget. Rest in peace JEWEL Mariapia Dearest.

Yusuf Deeni

The news of Prof. Mariapia Viola-Magni's loss is really sad and a great loss indeed to her family, friends, colleague and members of European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association. I extend my deepest sympathies to all of you. We will never forget her. May her soul rest in peace. Mohammad AminHejazi EBTNA Representative, Iran.

Mohammad Amin Hejazi

It is with great sadness that I heard the news. I will always remember her with deep fondness of her always positive and solution oriented way of thinking, as a great organizer and scientist. Farewell!

Grillari Johannes

I feel very sad knowing Mariapia is passed away. I first met Maria Pia more than 20 years ago. She was an extraordinary person, being an example of strength and willpower, but at the same time very curious, able to joke and friendly.

She understood very early the importance of internationalization as experience for the young students. With her I shared the establishment of thedegree and master courses in biotechnology, and her contribute was exceptional also throughout the cooperation projects in Africa.

We miss a great scientist and a great friend.

Marco Galeotti

Dear colleagues, these are very, very sad news. My deepest condolences to Mariapia's family and friends.

Ines Swoboda


I was so sorry to hear of the passing of our distinguished colleague and cherished friend, Mariapia. This is really incredibly sad loss indeed to all of us who have had contact with her. She was a remarkable person, hard worker, a great scientist, excellent and enthusiastic organizer, dedicated to the international collaboration. She has left us with so many wonderful memories. I will never forget all the wonderful times we spent together. I send my deepest condolences to her Family and her colleagues at EBTNA.

Magdolna Szente

My deepest condolences for her family and EBTNA family.

Martinez-Rojas Enriqueta

She was a rare person who could unite people. Deep condolences...

Marina Yazykova

Dear Colleagues,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of our very good friend, Mariapia. This is really incredibly sad loss. She was a great person, a great scientist, and excellent organizer dedicated to the international collaboration. I will never forget all the wonderful times we spent together. I send my deepest condolences to her family and her colleagues at EBTNA. She will be in a very good memory of all teachers and students of the project "Job Creation Biotechnology Diploma" created and coordinated by her.

Ewa Lojkowska

Dear colleagues,

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Professor Mariapia Viola Magni. I will never forget the years when I, together with my colleagues from Charles University, taught students at the European Course on Biotechnology in Perugia. This course was one of the many merits of Mariapia for a broad international cooperation of European Universities.

I want to offer my deepest condolences to her family.

Stanislav Stipek

We knew Mariapia and have been cooperating with her for so many years that it made us feel best frends. We appreciated her exceptionaly great ability to gather biochemistry people from all Europe countries and make possible communication and cooperation. Time is passing but we will never forget her hospitality, friendliness and knowledge. This is a great loose for European biochemistry teaching and integration. We are sharing the deepest sadness with her family and friends...

Elżbieta & Wojciech Rode

Dear Colleagues,

I also want to add my condolences to all on the loss of our colleague Professor Mariapia Viola Magni. 

Gary Henehan

Dear colleagues!

My deepest condolences to all mourners. I will remember her in the most beautiful memory.

Maksimiljan Brus 

Rest in peace Dear Mariapia.

Sevil Sağlam Yılmaz
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